• 30. 000 visitors
  • 40. 000 square meters of area dedicated to the event located close to the temples of Paestum
  • 200 free flights
  • 100 people including pilots and crews of hot air balloons
  • 20 performances and sporting events

Paestum Festival shopping food and wine-and-Crafts-Leisure

Men, women and children with their eyes on the sky to get excited with the giants of the air

This is the Paestum Hot Air Balloon Festival, the event now in its 5th edition, color city ‘Magna Graecia Paestum and offers the public the chance to go shopping, enjoy gourmet specialties, and spend time outdoors until late .

The event will brighten the days of the city, alongside the flight of the balloons to a rich program of initiatives related to the universe sport, music, food and wine.

The unmissable opportunity to promote their business in a landmark event for lovers of fun and outdoor life. Visitors waiting to fly have a great shopping opportunity in a climate that allows you to live the Citta ‘di Paestum for the whole day.


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The gazebo (3X3) includes: external structure made ​​of galvanized iron, PVC walls white, interior light, electric connection, parking.