Departure from the archaeological area of ​​Paestum and landing safely on a flat identified during the excursion air. A ground crew shall turn the passengers in the take-off with motorized vehicle . All that remains , therefore, that enjoy the spectacle of the view of the temples from above and satisfy their curiosity on the flight thanks to the professionalism of the pilots.


Inflations and takeoffs : in the morning starting at 7:30 am and the afternoon from 16.30. The free flight schedule may change at the discretion of the Director of flights.
Flight duration : approximately between 40 minutes to an hour.
Total duration ( inflation , flight and return by land) : approximately 2 hours.


(The cost of the flight and a contribution to the running of the event )

Requirements and conditions

The participants of the balloon flight will have to meet the following requirements:

have a height of over 120 cm
not be affected by pathologies ansiotica attributable to mental disorders , are not suffering from any kind of heart disease , asthma or deficit of the respiratory , cardiovascular and skeletal , not to have problems clearing hearing or ear infections , not to be in pregnant , not to be a pacemaker and being suitable for the practice of sport
follow the instructions of the pilot -in-command provided during the briefing before take-off and during the same and, in particular , not to smoke inside the basket and near it , do not throw objects of any kind during the flight and do not wear shoes with heels
take full responsibility for the resulting damage or loss of personal items brought to the flight such as spectacles , mobile phones , cameras , camcorders, etc. ..

shoes must be closed ( preferably sports ) and low-heeled ( it lands in the fields)
is recommended to have a headdress

is recommended water bottle
backpacks and bags are to be avoided , is accepted the carrier and the container camera
In case of wind you can run into hard landing .

* All hot-air balloon flights are subject to weather conditions specific . The Organization of Paestum Festival 2013 will reserve irrevocably to suspend, postpone or modify the flight program (free and / or bound ) if weather conditions or other it inficiassero security.


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