Paestum Balloons Festival, is a great opportunity for communication between companies, it is an entertainment event that includes events including sports, arts, culture and entertainment.

The target of the event is very broad: children, families, young people and adults of all ages.

Paestum Balloons Festival, communicates values ​​and emotions that are reflected immediately on the companies that support it.


  • 20,000 Visitors
  • 30,000 square meters area for the event
  • 300 free flights
  • 25 teams of hot air balloons
  • 1,000 people housed in camper
  • 20 exhibitors
  • 20 performances and sporting events


Country radio and television broadcasters in national and regional commercials, interviews and specials
Tabular in local and regional newspapers and magazines
Distribution of 100,000 leaflets in trade shows and events at national
Campaign on major social networks
Constantly updated internet site

  • Company logo on the presence of the communication campaign
  • Presence of the Company logo on the home page of the official website of the festival
  • Presence of the Company logo on the entrance door in the Village
  • Exhibition stand in the Village of sponsors
  • Ability to insert advertising structures “inflatable”
  • 5 meter banner in area sports
  • Positioning of paper material in the newsstand
  • Insertion of one or more banners on baskets of Balloons
  • Possibility ‘distribution gadgets with your company logo

The proposals described serve as an example. The marketing department of Paestum Balloons Festival 2013 will be pleased to customize the format according to the needs of each company.

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